Holiday Collections 2014: Benefit’s Cheeky Sweet Spot

Hello all! Sorry for the delay in post works has been crazy, but I’m back!

Anyways I am going to talk today about my favorite set from this year’s holiday collections and that is Benefit’s Cheeky Sweet Spot which can be found at and in stores at Ulta for $36!

This item is hot ticket though so jump on it if you see it! Before this set I never have tried any of Benefits box blushes, bronzers, or highlights! This gem comes 5 blushes, 1 bronzer, and one highlights. This is a the perfect set of all the best of their face products!!!! The best thing is these are almost the exact same size as the full size one and you spend $36 for 7 products, rather than $28 each.






I have heard that coralista and Bella bamba are slightly different than the original so maybe they reformulated the products.

The bronzer Hoola is just as a amazing as everyone says. I never really used bronzer before this set but now I do all the time! The formula of all these products are really soft and creamy making it easy to blend out for a nice look.

The only product I am not a fan of is the highlight Watt’s Up. It doesn’t really show up at all and mine is kinda dry! But the set is worth it regardless.

I haven’t tried the brush rather I use just an angled contour brush and an elf blush brush to apply the products.

Is anyone else finding this product in store anymore? My best friend is looking for it and we can’t track it down! Let me know if y’all are having luck!



Medusa’s Makeup: Eye Dust Review

Hello all!

I am excited to bring you a review on a new cosmetic company I discovered about a month ago! Medusa Makeup has a wide selection of loose eye pigments and eyeshadows along with various other makeup.

The color selection they have is what caught my attention so I emailed them about doing a review on their products. So they sent me one free eye dust and I went ahead and purchased 4 other eye dusts as well. The colors I got were bruiser (which I ordered two on accident), magma, Pompeii and vanilla latte!




So I was very excited when I got my order I had been wanting to try loose pigments and these colors were perfect. Medusa also sent me a brush as well to try.

They did not disappoint me at all. First the brush worked so well at applying the eye dust. It was small enough so I didn’t put an excess and I could control where the product went. I also took all 4 colors and created one eye look with just these colors.


Vanilla latte is in the inner corner, Pompeii in the middle lid, and the bruiser on outer lid. I then used magma on the lower lash line!

These color blend well with each other so it is easier to create a look with their products. I wore it for the night and I loss a little of product but I didn’t feel like it was so bad. I probably should have bought their primer to try but that will be on my next purchase! Yes I will be purchasing for them again. They just released a new line of eye dust of all Matte Colors! So I am super exited about that.

Each of their eye dust are $7 each and you get 1.5 gram of product which is generous amount of product. When you open these products you also get some loose pigment on your table so I recommend you put a tissue down first. Fall out is typically of loose pigment so be prepared to clean up somewhat.

Overall I am a huge fan! Like a huge fan! I can’t wait to try their other products.

Have any of y’all tried Medusa?


DIY Flapper Costume

DIY Flapper Costume

See through dress

MANGO lace dress
$40 –


Pearl jewelry
$47 –

Roman pearl bracelet

Head wrap headband

NYX blush

Nyx eyeshadow
$6.14 –

Rimmel lipstick
$8.08 –

Kohl makeup
$3.39 –

Travel Pictures Tuesday! Castles Throughout England and Wales!

DIY Little Mermaid

DIY Little Mermaid

Oasis knee length skirt
$32 –

Alice You pleated maxi skirt
$19 –

Victoria s Secret halter top

Gianfranco Ferré vintage earrings
$270 –

Untold flower corsage
$8.54 –

Cosplay costume

Trish McEvoy eyeliner

Clinique matte lipstick

NYX eyeshadow
$10 –

Mac cosmetic
$17 –

Forever 21 blush

Holiday Collections 2014: Lorac’s Royal

Hey all this is going to be a real quick post this morning about yet another Holiday Collection. This one is the Lorac Royal which I think is one of the best this season!!!!! I want everything!

Lets jump right in!

1) MegaPro Palette- not available anymore because it sold out but here it is nonetheless



2) The Royal 3D Liquid Lustre Set $28 Ulta Lorac Online


3) The Royal PRO Eye Collection $28 Ulta & Lorac


4) The Royal Lip Lustre Créme Collection $25 Ulta & Lorac Online


5) The Royal Eye Shadow $38 Ulta Only


6) The Royal Full Face Collection $40
Kohls Only


7) The Royal Eyeshadow Palette Set $35


So that’s the Lorac’s Holiday Collection for 2014!

What are you most excited about?

Let me know!


Fall Fabulous

Fall Fabulous

ONLY shirts top
$38 –

Brown studded handbag

Butterfly ring
$525 –

Henri Bendel earrings

Fendi two tone glasses
$385 –

Forever 21 plaid shawl

Charlotte Tilbury lips makeup


Voluminous mascara
$12 –

Tarte’s Away Oui Go Portable Palette & Collector’s Set

Hello all!

This is my first review of the season & I selected the Tarte’s Portable Palette set that is only available at Ulta. The price is $48 which isn’t a lot especially for the amount you get.

So let’s jump into this set!

First up the packaging is adorable. I love the outer packaging with the purple and gold floral design. It pained me to throw it away but I didn’t because I never save packaging. The case is really nice as well!




The packaging is sorta big but I like it and don’t see myself depotting the stuff anytime soon. Maybe down the road. The eye shadows palettes are easy to get out but the lip glosses and mascara you have to pick up the entire plastic thing and pop them out from the bottom!

So this is what your $48 gets you:


3 lipglosses, a travel size light camera flashes mascara, 4 palettes that come with 4 eye shadows and one blush each, and finally a palette to hold your selection of colors for the day!

The lipglosses:



bottom to top shade Paris, Cannes, and Nice

The lipglosses are deluxe sample sizes with .06 fl oz. each. The colors are Paris which is magenta/raspberry color. Cannes is a light pink color and Nice is a nude color with a touch of pink. Cannes also has a touch of glitter added to it as well. The lip glosses are pretty sticky and thick which tends to make them last longer on the lips. They have a mint smell which made me think it was going to be a plumper but alas it is not. Overall I am not crazy about these glosses but I will use them none the less!

The Mascara:



You also get a deluxe sample size (.14 fl. oz.) of Tarte’s famous Light, Camera, Lashes Mascara. This was my first time using this mascara and I maybe in love!

No mascara:


Light coat of Mascara- I did NOT curl my lashes either


I am very impressed! This formula does not clump and the wand also distributes the product nicely. I didn’t think it would curl my lashes at all but it did!!! I am super impressed! I plan to buy a full size bottle.

The On the Go Palette:



With this your suppose to pop your palette in that you are using for the day and go. I like this one better than the one from last year because the color reminds of Tiffany Blue! Haha! Idk how often I Will actually take a palette with me but time will tell. It has a nice size mirror with it as well so you can apply your makeup at work or do some touch ups!

The palettes:













So there are 16 full sized Amazonian Clay Eye Shadows. This formula is so nice and creamy! Like I said before this is my first tarte purchase ever and I am so happy with their products!!!! These eyeshadow have a long wear and the pigmentation is so nice and rich. Each individual palette comes with a color to highlight your brow and then three other colors to do whatever you would like with on the lid.

This set also has 4 full size Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes which I have heard great things about Tarte Blushes so this is a the real reason I bought the set. I loved that the blush selection range from coral to pink to a nude! It’s just a wife selections and again the pigmentation is great!

This set allows you do a completed look just add your foundation and concealer. I wish one of the blushes was replaced with a bronzer though because it would come in handy!

Here is a look done with one of the palettes. The eyeshadows are Champs-Élysées Shopping for brow highlight. Eiffel Tower Engagement for Crease. Secret Soirée for outer lid and lower lash line. Stargazing on the Seine for inner lid! Canned lipgloss on the lips and Lights Camara Flashes Mascara on top and bottom lashes. Then finally the Limitless blush on my cheeks!



So this set is a $410 value and only $48 at Ulta! I totally recommend this set if you have been eyeing tarte products. I wish the lip glosses were their LipSurgence Lip Tints instead but I can make do with these for now!

Has anyone else bought this set? What are your opinions?


Holiday Collections 2014: {Nars}

What what two posts in one day?! Because I am that awesome! And there maybe a 3rd one!

So this one is for all my rich people lol. I am not a rich person so I just look at the pretty testers at Sephora LOL! I also picked Nars because someone on twittered mentioned it was their favorite holiday collection and up until that point I had not even looked at the products!

I present to you the Nars Holiday Collection!

1) Laguna Bronzing Powder Palette $59


2) Virtual Domination Cheek Palette $65 Only at Sephora


3) Modern Future Roman Holiday Lip, Cheek, & Nail Set $49


4) Laser Cut Eye, Cheek, Lip Palette $59



5) Maîtresse- Jungle Red Lip/Nail Set $52


6) Tech Fashion Lipgloss Coffret $39


7) Uninhibited Dolce Vita Lip/Nail Set $52


8) Kabuki Brush Set $125


9) Climax Schiap Lip/Nail Set $52


10) Cosmetic Pochette $55


11) Domination 4 Well Cheek Palette $49


12) 3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS Cosmetics Pochette $80


13. Nars Vault $500


So that’s Nars’ holiday collection! Thoughts?